Duronn Montage James (born January 4th 1981 in Philadelphia Pa), professionally known as Justis James, is an international recording artist – song writer, Actor, Film Maker, Writer, Philanthropist, Deal Maker, Author, and Entrepreneur. In the early 2000′s he was published in Ozone Magazines 16 bars section,and scored his first song “Wanna Be My Girl” in the film 13 Dead Men, directed by Art Camacho in 2003. In 2007 The United Kingdoms Blues And Soul Magazine (The worlds oldest black selling music magazine) as an independent doing big things. In 2008 he created a new music genre called “Hip Pop”. Today you can see it at the top of Russel Simmons site globalgrind.com “The World According To Hip Pop”.

In 2010, while Justis James was in the process of recording his 3rd independent album and preparing for a cross-country trip to Hollywood documentary he and his associates were doing for a movie, he was struck down by a hit and run driver in 20 degree weather on a snowy highway in Voorhees New Jersey. That same week, his music was erased from recording studios and he and his long time fiance had broken up. Because of the hit and run accident he had developed amnesia. He also lost contact with his management. In 2011 he created back2thefresh.com


Justis James is passionate about protecting the earth especially when it comes to its forest and trees. He is against deforestation because the only thing that does is reduces the quality of the earth which destroys it’s natural life.  So if you are for protecting the earth then you are an automatic friend of Justis James.

For television bookings, radio interviews, speaking engagements, music collaborations, or other media opportunities, etc contact justisjamesbookings@gmail.com

His current music and film projects are in development…

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