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I know there are millions of people who are going through hard times because they feel hopeless. And that hopelessness can bring in depression. But if you focus on your dreams you’ll have very little time to focus on that hopelessness because you’ll be too occupied focusing on the dream.

I got hit by a car in the winter time and left for dead 20 degrees in the snow in the suburbs. What did I do? I kept my mind on my dreams and got up. People I had in my life throughout my career abandoned me. What did I do? I kept my mind on my dreams and did better. My music got erased from studios. What did I do? I kept my mind on my dreams and said I can make better. A cop pulls out a gun and tells my brother to move out-of-the-way because he was going to shoot me 5 times for no reason in the city. What did I do? I kept my mind on my dreams and told him who I was. No one told me who I was during my amnesia. People acted as if they were the ones with amnesia and they treated me like I wasn’t me. And because of that the only thing I feel as though I can trust are my dreams. They’ve never turned on me and they’ve never treated me with hatred, jealousy,envy, or anything like that. People come and people go but my dreams never leave. I’ve done projects, I’ve been in magazines, I’ve been in news papers, I’ve done radio, and I’ve worked with some great people. And all of this happened because I continue to focus on my dreams no matter what I accomplish.

At this point my dreams are all I trust. I build on my dreams and never on people. Musically there was no reason for people to act as if they didn’t know who I was after my hit and run accident when my bio says this BIOGRAPHY . And to attempt to add insult to injury people would make up rumors that I’d have to kill and disprove immediately. I only smoke dutches, and I drink some times, and that’s all. I don’t want to over due it because then I wouldn’t be able to run as much as I love to do or be able to do these thousand pushups BRITISH WORKOUT .

But as long as you focus on your dreams your never alone and you can overcome any obstacle.

Justis James™ Did It