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I was in apartments with the polish out in Brooklyn
Nigga up in Sun Set Park, you watchin Crooklyn
Gangstaz from over seas,passport stamps still fresh
Posted up in a buildin like we owned it , we was guest
Parties on 5th ave meetins on wallstreet
Up in Vip, them Russians came, and posted up for me
She’s a bad one with all dat stuff back it
I’m gettin head Stuck in traffic, bastardzzzz
Now say good night, to ya favorite rappaz
They like look at’m who does he think he is Frank Sanaaaaatra? LMAO
I grab ears of A&R’s and let’m brag about it
Stop frontin on my fresh, with no swag you look bad with out it
My Rhyme?, braggadocios, ya style? hopeless
Whats all the commotion? Dont interfere wit my focus
Her legs? open, sesame, seeds on a bun, I own it, Oprah
Copa-cabana , they cant stand it I was chosen, ONE

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2012