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Yesterday I went on a little twitter mini rant about how I went from recording in a studio connected to Def Jam and working on a cross-country trip to Hollywood 2 doing things all by myself. I guess it was sparked when I started thinking about how people acted like they didn’t know who I was after my hit and run. But one thing I did learn for sure about the music business is that just because people are around you when you’re doing big things doesn’t mean they like you. Because when I got pushed from behind, I had to pick myself up. I don’t have a manager or an agent so I’ve been managing myself. and in addition to working on my music, I also had to work on the business of it so  Record Label Business plan check. Tour outline check. Super producers check. Songs check. Now all I need is my own studio. That’ll come, I’ll build it like everything else I’ve done for myself. ( British Workout )

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