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I be in the dark , dark shades on my face
But I see so clear like dat, cheq my waist
Yeah dats cool, u went to all of dem colleges?
Only one rule of thumb, my fingers all in side of her
I take ya bitch, in her face, like g’s move
Eat it like seafood, she be like he’s cool
She know my status, she wifey type
Roll dat dutch for a nigga like mighty tight
Yea, then fuck you wit ya heels on
I see you in a day or two , then I’m real gone
I’m in da studio, proly put ya name in it
They lames wit it, Im In da 3rd lane, 4get it
Nigga I pitch, dat strike zone a disappear
Nigga I hit, dat ball a go a different year
Jordan rings , bitch niggaz, final four
March Madness, high off life, I cant find da floor

Justis James™ Did It


© Copyright 2012