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Cant kidnap me , lead copper gone spray

And Imma walk away like, hey

The industry got me out here like I aint no asset,til I chill up

Dats ok, it a be too late when that crime wave build up

I’ll take large bills I’ll take small bills 

I aint even from here Superman Smallville

Distribute my music, cut these bitch niggaz out 

Only thing we goin’ promise you is a drought

Jah, shower posse be, bangin my old shit 

Yardis be, ghost ridin, remote controllin whips

Accents extra thick, fuck all dat otha shit

Nigga I select a chick bitches be extra thick

( #TeamUK its your world. Who in the hell names an album God Forgives But I Dont? Nigga have you heard of Noahs Arc and the flood? lol #GodDoesnt4Give. I wish someone would do a mixtape called #GodDoesnt4Give before people start believing that shit lol.)

I assassinate tracks mothafucka I murda beats

Put’m in the ground kill a verse no surgery

Throw dat bitch on and dat bitch a get cremated

I spit. Hell fire. hataz hate he made it

How you sabotage the natti?

For dat, they might sabotage bodies

I’m just spreadin the news like cnn

Cant critisize my rap if you watch tv, babe where you been?

I hope. runnin thru my mind

I fuck like a porn star, put the tape on rewind

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012