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She might be in the limelight She might be a ball playaz wife
Believe the hype, tuck ya bitch I’m nice
2wrongs dont make a right but if we do it twice ita feel so right
2night, 2morrow night and on tue we can talk bout the last 2 nights
I wont ask you twice, you know me, trippin like ya last 2 flights
All i need in this life, is me and the round table, last two knights
If we play chess, you goin castle twice before I mate you right?
It a take you like 1 million before I chase you babe, ight?
And I aint chasin no girls, thats a high price
I perform like mike, yea I perform like mike
But I been known to lay the pipe late at night so if you stay the night ?
You might not sleep til day light ‪
Then send u out the front door like , I hope ya day is nice

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012