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Niggaz fresh up outta coach be lookin at me like Im fresh up out da boat
Im fresh side with the coach, hang yaself……rope
Bang yaself……scope, pepsi, coke
The oath made us both on both coast, best of all time flow
You out here runnin dem plays? lol who’s ya coach?
Meet me in NYC marquee or 1oak
Throw it back , shatter glass after 1 toast
She throw it back im like what you want hoe?
I got jokes, she got jokes, we got jokes
You know what? Heres the keys to my room meet yall both
Order room service, then take the leash off both
Easy wit da dutch take da leaf off slow
Turn the camera on lets remember this moment
Memories are platinum and magnums are golden
And im the only one keepin the tape just in case yall wanna blackmail
So lights cameras action act well

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012