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I be talkin distribution I be barkin spitin music
They never did a live show or even did acoustics
My mindstate is ruthless my vision can see the future
They dont even know what the next move is they so clueless
They proofless dont know how to move such sore loosers
Shoeless Joe Jackson on the diamond now you prove it
Bad bitches young broads wifey types and cougars
Im so NWA wit it lex luger
Put u in dat figure four leg lock for rumors
Put u in a dark room surrounded by tulips
Im da coolest turn da fan off, hand off, im in pumas
Up da gut in da air we just tryna move it
360 deals, joint ventures, distribution
Whats ya budget my mentors on Wall street u in da sewers ‪
Hoes wan’ do us, fuck us, screw us
Never screw us, u gon’ meet dem boys hooded like a druid
Cant be a boss if u neva been thru it
dats da truest, line i spit,these bitches stoopid
Gave up on cupid, say what? u stoopid
Niggaz cant touch me wit a 10 foot pole, looserz
Im rare like a hunet thousand dolla bill, jus do it
Climbin ova a wall myself u need a booster
They dont even know what juice is, on my neck like masseuses
my shoes is 9 1/2 and er board I beat I fight koopa
Might be ur size but u cant wear dem shoes uh
31 floors up jus spreadin da news uh
Friday da 13th meet me by da lake, loose uh
Shoe, I got dat golden touch, whateva I touch move uh
Wall Street journal speak easy booz uh
You gettin boo’d by big boobs who cant fit her shoes uh
The worlds bigga than you think Small world, big rules uh
loyalty is a small club, the majority loose uh
She gotta pay her sorority dues uh
She pissed off cos she wake up er mornin wit dude uh
She feel comfortable round dudes, and she swear dem bitches bad news uh
Twelves o clock come cinderella who are you uh

Justis James™ Did It

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