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…..Aint no religion out here

…….AR-15 vision out here

yea, It was either rap or raise the crime rate

I aint with the bull**** is my mindstate

Yea yea I escaped 3 hits

And I was only doin music and film jus be it

I be on whatever block I be in whatever hood

Try to take what I got, wish a **** would

Smoke good with dimes pop bottles with thugs

I was raised in the 90’s, pop models in love

Ya girl wear my chain like she my weekend chick

O you tryna wife that? Thats my weekend chick

And them? We dont feel’m they switch to the otha side

Kept my heart closed ever since my motha died

Imma prolem but ****** knew dat

I be on the low cos I might push a roof back

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012