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I tell’r dip it low, then move dat body slow
Then bounce up from the flow, make everybody go
Whoa, that girl do it, whoa that girl move it
Whoa that girl move it like she beggin me to do it
Imma H.U.S.T.L.A uh
Plus a P.I.M.P so Im goin cuh
J.James around Keep ya P.Y.T cuffed
She gotta *** a like apple N.Y.C yup
Mami whatchu sippin on, mami whatchu grippin on
Mami I got bottles in V.I.P drippin
Listen, glisten, trippin, tags be rippin
She be actin different now her swag be drippin
And me, I hit the studio, yea, I gotta vent
And me, I pull off cant see me behind the tint
And me, Im gone babe, get back 2 the rest
Yea, Back 2 The Fresh ,Back 2 The Fresh, Jus

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012