I be reppin Michael, I be reppin Bobby 

They just in a cycle, all they do is copy

And I only know she bad if she know she bad

Survival of the fittest babe girl don’t be last

Now shake the boobs, make the booty clap

Lights cameras action uh its all a movie act

You whooo I’ll make ya famous 

You whooo my words are picture painted

Now run tell ya friends my **** big aint it?

Now run tell ya friends how you came all them times 

Now run tell ya friends how I put it in ya spine

I be twisten her out, now she’s a pro 

She was such a quiet girl now she’s a PRO

Now hide the tape, I don’t need a scandal

So cooperate and blow out my candle

One minute we’ll be talking about a script and the next thing you know I’ll be talking your panties off. Certain words whispered will make them float to the floor in slow motion.

By Justis James™

© Copyright 2012