If she ride it hard I promise to drive her crazy

You love my style, I was born in the 80’s

I be talkin french eatin sushi on this earth

Now Comme Des Garcon, put your heart on my shirt

Pepperoni dominoes on my dinner plate

I aint got no wifey so my dinners always late uh #Yum

But one things for sure and 2 things for certain

Swag be drippin I be murderin them verses #Cum

She be actin’ different now her swag be drippin’

I be lookin at her like huh? You mad at me Pippen? #One

Fade away , uh huh, foul line 

Turn me up in them speakers son alpine #Won

RT @katyperry: We’re back bitches

By Justis James™

© Copyright 2012