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Them: Justis where have you been? You were killing it.

Me: I was working on my follow-up project to The game plan .(music erased, got hit by a hit and run,wedding called off) all in the same week. And my team backed away.  You know like Dave Chappelle’s team did when he got offered 50 Million to do it himself. As soon as the movie aspect moved in It seems like it got rough. And to top it off  I got amnesia from getting hit and no one told me I had amnesia. So imagine doing it all from scratch without management. (1st time ever)

Them: Wow that’s wild. We cant wait to hear what you have musically. The Game Plan was fire. The west coast and the south appreciated that. We’re glad your ok.

Me: Thanks, I’m working on it. I have better producers so yeah, everything will sound better.

Them: So whats on your mind now.

Me: Trust no one