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Not only were Coca Cola and Spotify doing big business on Saturday. But so were Prince Alwaleed, Princess Ameerah, and Bill Gates.

I’ve written about Prince Alwaleed and Princess Ameerah a few times already. And once I even stated they are “A model power couple for all to watch“. I read in Forbes today how Prince Alwaleed, Princess Ameerah and Bill Gates formed a crew and talked about business and philanthropy. Bill Gates is no stranger to the Saudi Royal couple. He’s been doing business with them for quite some time. Bill Gates and  Prince Alwaleed co-own Four Season Hotels and Resorts all around the world. Everyone already knows Bill Gates put the computer game in the figure four leg lock with Microsoft. And he even has his own school that has been a success since the early 90’s. So you can only imagine what will happen next now that Prince Alwaleed is in the mix.

And to top all of it off The Alwaleed foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation may collaborate. The powerful men and the women who back them.

Talk about a meeting of the minds.

Here is the Forbes article I read earlier:

Bill Gates Talks Business, Philanthropy With Prince Alwaleed In Riyadh

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