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She likes to KISS keep it simple stupid we know HOW

She be in the club on that Pacino….AL

Casino clouds…we know ….STYLE …

Not a 10 or a 20 that’s a C note CHILD

Throwin back shots of that ciroc like POW

Behind these shades I see purple haze CLOUDS

Behind these shades I see dimes for a MILE

Behind these shades I see dimes on the PROWL

SMILE… then buy the bar for an HOUR

STYLE uh uh then take her home to the SHOWER

Take the chain off then give her that POWER

Pluck it like a flower Pluck it  pluck it like a FLOWER

Take a flight back… tired …G4…jet LAG

Moneys on my mind seen it all before uh next CLASS

What they tryna teach me tho? uh uh uh next CLASS

They don’t understand English mind as well let the neck BRAG

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Note: All free verses can be used for whatever except ALBUMS

HipPop Pop Rock and R&B verses

Written by Justis James – Saturday 10pm November 26th 2011